Senin, 18 Juli 2016

Solving Pokemon GO GPS problem on Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

For me - even inside a building - gps is accurate enough for this game to work. Even though I have an MTK version of RMN3 (everyone knows, that Qualcomm's GPS is better than MTK's :D)
Check this:
1. Go to Security app -> Permissions manager. Open Pokemon Go settings there and check for Location to be ticked. Also check for Camera permission there (then you'll be able to use AR while catching pokes)
2. Now go Settings -> Developer Settings and disable Mock Locations there
3. Open notification shade and long tap on GPS switch there. Check location services to be enabled. And choose the High accuracy for Gps settings.
4. Try to reinstall the game and launch it again (sign in with previously used account)
5. Try to reboot your phone (sometimes helped me in other games)
After the game is launched wait for a couple of minutes for location fix.

It's Work For me in xiaomi Redmi note 2