Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015

Tahap Tahap Membuat Acronis Bootable Media menggunakan bootable USB flash drive

If you encounter issues when creating a bootable USB flash drive or disk by means of Acronis Bootable Media Builder you can try one of the workarounds below:
  1. HideCreating Acronis Bootable Media on a USB Flash Drive (applies to Windows Vista/7/2008/2008 R2)
    1. Insert your flash drive;
    2. Hit Win-R (Start-Run) and type cmd to open a command-line;
    3. Type diskpart to run Windows DiskPart utility:
    4. Type list disk to list all disks attached to the machine:
    5. Type select disk [number] to select your flash drive:
    6. Type clean to remove any formatting from the selected disk:
    7. Type create partition primary:
    8. Type select partition 1 to select the only partition, which you now have on the flash drive:
    9. Type active to mark the partition as active:
    10. Type format fs=fat32 to format the disk in FAT32 (otherwise the drive will not be bootable):
    11. Type assign to assign a drive letter:
    12. Type exit to exit Windows DiskPart utility:
    13. Run your Acronis product;
    14. Pick Tools -> Create Bootable Rescue Media;
    15. Follow all steps of the wizard and select your USB flash drive as media.

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