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HP ProLiant ML150 G2 Server - Configuring SATA RAID Embedded 4 Port Controller May Not Complete Therefore An Operating System Can Not Be Installed On The Server

Configuring the SATA RAID embedded 4-port controller on a ML150G2 Server and choosing Clear or Rebuild instead of Quick Init causes the server to reboot and the process does not continue, therefore an operating system cannot be installed on the server.
When the Clearing starts the percentage go up and then randomly the server reboots. Going back into the Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility will show a status of Clearing with no percentage and it will not continue and cannot be restarted without deleting the Array and re-creating it.
The logical drive at this point has not been created or completed and therefore you cannot install an OS in the Clearing State.
To fix this issue:
  1. press F10 setup on POST. PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility
  2. On the Main tab ,Memory Cache
  3. Cache Extended Memory Area : <Default = Write Back > Change to Write Through or uncached
The following is displayed within the Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility
Clearing the array is successfully complete! Array Status : Optimal.
Cache Extended Memory Area
Determines how the system caches extended memory. You can select one of these:
  • Write Back (default): Writes and reads to and from system memory are cached, then written to system memory when you perform a write-back operation. Select this option to reduce bus traffic by eliminating unnecessary writes to system memory. This option provides the best performance, but requires that all devices that access system memory on the system bus be able to snoop memory accesses to ensure system memory and cache coherency.
  • Write Through : Writes and reads to and from system memory are cached. Select this option for frame buffers or when there are devices on the system bus that access system memory, but do not perform snooping of memory accesses.
  • Write Protect : Reads come from cache lines when possible, and read misses cause cache fills. Writes are propagated to the system bus and cause corresponding cache lines on all processors on the bus to be invalidated. Speculative reads are allowed.
  • uncached : The system does not cache memory.
F10 - PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility
Ctrl-A on POST for Adaptec RAID controller:
Clearing the array may take half hour or more to complete. Also, the array is not accessible until the Clearing is over. Do you still want to continue?(Yes/No): Y
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